The Utah State Legislature passed the Gas Technician Certification law in 2002, which requires that all technicians who get paid to work on gas appliances must prove competency by passing the RMGA certification exam. The law can be found in Utah Code here.

The certification exam is a 4 hour and 10 minutes, 100 question, open book exam that can be taken at most technical colleges in the state for $100-125 ($100 for the exam and $15-25 for the testing center). When you’re ready to take the exam, contact any one of the following and register to take the exam. You need a Pre-Paid Test Voucher from RMGA and you must make an appointment at a testing center. The passing score is 80%, there is a free retake available if needed.

Listed below are the testing centers that currently offer the RMGA Certification Exam.

  • Bridgerland Technical College in Logan, call Karen: 435-750-3188  ($10)
  • Davis Technical College in Kaysville, call Kylee: 801-593-2361 assessment@davistech.edu  ($25)
  • Dixie ATC in St. George, call Keri: 435-674-8427  ($25)
  • Dixie State University in St. George, call Riley: 435-652-7667  ($25)
  • Mountainland Technical College in Lehi, call Katie: 801-753-4110 testcenter@mtec.edu Appointments available Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8am, 12pm and 4pm  ($10)
  • Ogden-Weber Technical College in Ogden, call Vic: 801-627-8403  ($10)
  • SLCC in Salt Lake City, call 801-957-3267 or Rosie: 801-957-3332   24/7 Appointment Link:  https://www.registerblast.com/saltlakecc-cert/Exam/List  ($25)
  • Snow College in Richfield, call Elizabeth: 435-893-2239  ($25)
  • Uintah Basin Technical College in Roosevelt OR Vernal, call Jim: 435-725-7103  ($10)



Course Materials: RMGA offers a 3 day training class to assist technicians in passing the certification exam. Check the calendar for our next available class or call 801.521.8340.

Certification Course, Study Guide & Exam –  $400

The RMGA Certification Course materials include:

  • RMGA Study Guide (revised January 2019)
  • 2018 International Fuel Gas Code
  • Pre-Paid Test Voucher (tech pays testing center proctor fee)
  • 6 month access to online training videos

Lunch is also provided all 3 days of training.

Must pass with an 80 out of the 100 questions to receive certification card.



The Rocky Mountain Gas Association (RMGA) grants SIX $500 scholarships per year to first and second year students that are in the HVAC industry. Applications are due December 10th, and can be found in the attached file or at one of the following Technical Colleges:

  • Ogden Weber Technical College
  • Mountainland Technical College
  • Davis Technical College
  • Salt Lake Community College (SLCC)
  • Dixie ATC
  • Bridgerland Technical College

To apply for the scholarship, download the HVAC Scholarship Application, complete it and return it to:

Rocky Mountain Gas Association
153 S 900 E #3
SLC, Utah 84102


Send applications any time before December 1st of each year.  We want to award more scholarships so apply now!