RMGA Certification

The Utah State Legislature passed the Gas Technician Certification law in 2002, which requires that all technicians who get paid to work on gas appliances must prove competency by passing the RMGA certification exam. The law can be found in Utah Code here.

The Certification exam is a multiple choice, 100 question, open book exam. Examinees will be provided with a highlighted Gas Technician Certification Study Guide containing all the information necessary to pass the exam. No outside materials are permitted to be used during testing. (i.e. No personal Study Guides, code books or notes)

The exam can be taken at most technical colleges in the State of Utah and in Evanston, Wyoming & Green River Wyoming. If English is not a person's native language, they are allowed 50% more time (6 hours). If they have a documented learning disability or test anxiety, they are also allowed 50% more time (6 hours).

In order to achieve Certification, a score of 80% or higher is required. A test voucher is $100 and includes one free retake. Additional attempts require that a new test voucher be purchased.

When you’re ready to take the exam, contact the RMGA to purchase a Pre-Paid Test Voucher and then make an appointment at a Testing Center. The testing centers charge a fee, which currently range from $10 to $25. It is recommended that you take the Certification Pre-test to test your readiness.

Salt Lake Community College


Salt Lake City, UT

Mountainland Technical College


Lehi, UT
Appointments available Monday, and Tuesday at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm

Davis Tech Assessment Center


Kaysville, UT
Pre-scheduling required

Bridgerland Technical College


Logan, UT
Karen: 435-750-3188

Ogden-Weber Technical College


Ogden, UT

Uintah Basin Technical College


Roosevelt, UT & Vernal, UT
Trinity: 435-725-7103

Dixie Technical College


St. George, UT
Haylie: 435-674-8400

Utah Tech University


St. George, UT
Riley: 435-652-7667

Course Materials

RMGA offers a 3-day training class, every other month, to assist technicians in passing the certification exam. Check the calendar to register for our next available class. You can also order the course materials and study on your own.

Certification Course

  • Live Instruction
  • Certification Study Guide
  • International Fuel Gas Code Book
  • On-line Video Series
  • Pre-paid Test Voucher

The certification course is taught In-person and on Zoom.
RMGA members have priority for in-person seating.


  • Certification Study Guide
  • International Fuel Gas Code Book
  • On-line Video Series
  • Pre-paid Test Voucher

Books are sent out priority mail