Natural Gas Technician Certification Pre-Test

Welcome to the RMGA Natural Gas Technician Certification Pre-Test.

This Pre-Test contains 50 questions that are in the same categories as the actual test with an emphasis on the most difficult types of questions: Gas Piping, Combustion Air and Venting & Retrofitting.

Treat this like an actual test. This test is difficult, and it would be in your best interest to take 2 hours to complete this test before looking at the answer key.

This test is meant to assess your readiness for taking an RMGA class and passing the test. You should also have basic understanding of geometry.

RMGA Pre-Test Canvas - Computer Version

To take the RMGA Gas Technician Certification PreTest, go to:

RMGA Pre-Test Canvas - Computer Version (Spanish)

Para realizar el PreTest de Certificación de Técnico de Gas RMGA, ve a:

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Because of the open access nature of the PreTest, if two people are taking the same PreTest at the same time, the test software tries to use both entries, causing errors (like answers changing or the test ending before you're done). If you have those types of problems while taking the PreTest, exit out and try a different month. Also send an email to to let us know. However, none of these issues have ever happened at a testing center.

Good Luck on your PreTest and especially when you go take the REAL test!