RMGA has set up an HVACR Apprenticeship program with the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), and RMGA will handle all the paperwork from Apprentice registration through completion and certification, so you can focus on training your new hires.

1 “Grandfathered” Journey-level Techs

Before you hire an apprentice, your current journey-workers need to be “grandfathered” into the apprenticeship program because they will be responsible for providing the day-to-day training of your new apprentices.

To grandfather journey-workers the Department of Labor requires a Program Registration & Apprenticeship Agreement (DOL) and RMGA, as the sponsor, needs the Journey-worker Accreditation Grandfathering Form, where your journey-level technician attests to having completed at last 6,000 hours of on-the-job training, passed the RMGA Certification Exam and lists any HVACR relevant training courses and inudustry certifications they have received during their careers.

2 Employer Confirmation

Employers sign each senior tech’s Journey-worker Accreditation Grandfathering Form, attesting that “to your knowledge” the journey-worker is competent and qualified to be issued a DOL level HVACR Certification.

Employers also sign the RMGA Employer Acceptance Agreement and Program Registration & Apprenticeship Agreement (DOL) that simply states you agree to assign new apprentices to be supervised by a journey-level certified technician, who will ensure that the apprentice is trained in all phases of HVACR work.

There is a $10 fee per Journey-worker to be grandfathered, which covers a review and submission by RMGA to the DOL. After a six-month probationary period the DOL will certify your HVACR technician and send them a US Department of Labor Journey-level Certification.

3 New Apprentices

New Apprentices need to be enrolled in a Technical College HVACR program, and working for a RMGA contractor member.

For your apprentices on-job training, we have log books available to help them with weekly skills tracking as they progress through their apprenticeship. Working alongside a journeyworker, they will learn basic knowledge and skills, heating system design, refrigeration and air conditioning and electricity in order to become well-rounded and valuable technicians.

Employers sign the RMGA Employer Acceptance Agreement and submit the Program Registration & Apprenticeship Agreement (DOL) to RMGA along with a $10 registration fee.

Submit applications via fax to: 801-521-8360 or scan and email to: john@utrmga.com